KissNGrind: 4th Annual Grammy Edition (w/sg DJ Jazzy Jeff) [02/11]!

Last year’s Grammy Party that the KissNGrind crew threw was off the hook! It was a special event to definitely be a part of. I remember near the end of last year I was looking all over for the review that I thought I made about the party, but come to find out that I never made one at all (smacks forehead). Although I forgot to make a post about it, I definitely got the pictures (& the press pass) to prove it! After the night was over, I couldnt get past the fact that I was definitely a part of something amazing (that’s definitely NOT Hollywood-ish)! I especially thank those that were involved to make it happen. I appreciate it a hell of a lot.

This time around Vikter Duplaix brought DJ Jazzy Jeff on board to help rock the house at Vanguard next friday. The tickets are currently $20, and there are a limited amount, so please be sure to purchase them asap! Seriously, who ISNT trying to see DJ Jazzy Jeff tear the roof off Vanguard? Full flyer down below.

Purchase your $20 presale tickets [here]. They’ll be available til February 9th.


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