Dilla Day in Chinatown [02/05]…

Things got a little steamy over in Chinatown this past saturday as the patio got packed and things were brewing on the inside for the special guest to take control of the MPCs for this special J Dilla tribute that Boombox. Fans were out in full force all the while both floors at Grand Star were playing Dilla’s music. It has been a long ass day for me since I was at the Grammy Museum and the video shoot earlier in the day. I think I caught my second wind once I got out my sister’s car, cause I knew I had to make these flicks work, with less than a 1/4 of battery life in my camera. So, here goes nothing…

The first thing I did was scour around to see who was here and then checked out all the folks who were #DILLA’d out with their paraphernalia and clothes. Immediately, I went upstairs to see some of my folks there and just went behind the tables and started (carefully) flashing away w/Inka One blending away on the tables. The room was 90 percent full with the exception that the room near the door was only sort of vacant with people walking in, out, and right by it. I think Exile went on a little after eleven just spinning some of Dilla’s grooves, but the room went bananas once Jeremy Ellis got on the MPC. I think he did a 30-45 min. set (check video[s] below]. After he calmed the room down, House Shoes went on and took over for the rest of the evening, giving the crowd a very good solid set. Unfortunately for me, I had to jet out early. The day was already exhausting, but being at Boombox was definitely a way to seal off the night (w/the exception of leaving my bag in my sister’s car lol).

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