Adidas Originals x Snoop Dogg x HVW8: The DOGG House [02/16]…

Last thursday I was invited to The DOGG House (at HVW8 HQ) to shoot the event. Sponsored by Adidas Originals, Snoop Dogg has been showcasing his art that inspired some of his most memorable things in hiphop [for example, the ‘dogghouse’ on his Doggystyle album]. The party has already started without me [obviously, lol] since I got there late. There was Colt 45 that was being given out by the models, chicken meals provided by Dante’s Chicken, and the tunes were brought to you by Dam-Funk & Computer Jay, but that didnt stop there..

As if the party wasn’t crackin’ already, this party became a lot more entertaining when Dam-Funk started singing to the crowd and when Snoop Dogg started freestyle to Dam-Funk’s selective tunes. While the big Boss Dogg was in action, the crowd desperately kept pushing closer to where he was so they can get footage of him doing his thing from their own personal devices. Unfortunately, the party ended early, but it was awesome while it lasted! Til next time, I’ll see some of you guys soon!

To all of you that came here to look for the pictures, I apologize for not posting them earlier. This weekend has worn me out and I havent had time to post them up, but you can grab them from the gallery below!

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