J-Live at The Terrace [03/04]…

On this night at The Terrace, there was one act of fuckery that went down in the place (the shit was entertaining, son LOL). It was a solo performance that went down that took up more time in his set (hint: Mr. “imma give you a lot of styyyyyyy-yulllllllllllzzzzz… cause y’all are sleeping out there….”). The person took so long to finish that one act that was scheduled to perform ended up doing a freestyle in the middle of J-Live’s set (props to Justice for letting it happen). Other than that, all was good here in the place to be; this was my first time seeing an R&B set done at a ChinkyEyed event (mind you, I said my). Rina Cervantes’ performance was great [in every aspect of the word]! BP and Odds garnered a lot of noise with a few guest appearances who freestyled over The Plan  instrumental. R2 has a huge following, especially with those in the crowd wearing their shirts! Dope night overall…

Check out the pictures in the gallery below! And shoutout to ChinkyEyed LA for putting on another dope show. Next one: Planet Asia & Copywrite!

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3 thoughts on “J-Live at The Terrace [03/04]…

    1. hey there.. how have you been? its been a cool minute! have you been out to any Chinky Eyed shows recently?

  1. glad you had a great time! thanks for coming! make sure you keep checking the blog for more events!

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