LA MARCHA Photography Exhibit – POSTPONED (letter).

Damn, this shit sucks. I had the intentions to go check it out next week, too. I just posted this event yesterday, and moments before the exhibit is supposed to start, I get this email:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the postponement of the “Creating Memory is our Weapon” Show at the Urban Sanctuary Gallery in Boyle Heights.  It had always been a dream of ours to have the show in Boyle Heights. Ten years ago we had shown the photographs at the great Frank Sosa’s space on Silverlake Blvd and it was a great honor to be able to bring the photos East, but sadly the local political terrain proved too complicated for it to happen at this time.  Two days ago it was brought to our attention that several local “artivists” had started a campaign online to boycott the show.  Apparently there has been some conflict locally with the management of Urban Sanctuary.  We have spent the past 48 hours trying to negotiate a settlement that would allow the show to continue – but in the end with threats looming and an extraordinary amount of anger being expressed we decided to postpone the show until we are able to honor the memory of the Marcha in a more clear environment.  It was never our intention to inflame local anger, to incite a boycott or indeed to put our constituency on any side of a local conflict.  

Zappatismo has plenty to do with local conflicts but not in this way.

Please accept our humblest apologies if this in any way affects your plans for tonight.  Let me also take this opportunity to thank Azul 213, Rona Mercado and our own Rocio Contreras for the huge amount of work they put into this show.  

We will all reap the rewards of this show in a less contentious space at a later date.”



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