Pharoahe Monch’s Album Listening Event [03/10]…

The album listening event for #WAR took off a little late on thursday night, due to technical difficulties with the showing of the Clap (One Day) video. During the making of the album, Pharoahe Monch and his manager were simply playing with the ideas of who to get on the song [jokingly]. But what ended up happening was that all the people that they got on the album really wanted to work with him.

Pharoahe spoke about ‘being the change people want to see.’ He got more specific about the topic by saying that he wanted the album to be truly honest in what he was feeling. There was so much that was going on outside of music that many artists dont even care or even scared to talk about.. that he felt that a lot of what he spoke about needed to be said. This is our reality that we dont get from other artists. I’m just glad that there is someone like Pharoahe Monch who is willing to speak the truths on what moves him spiritually and emotionally (other than someone like Immortal Technique).

In the past, Pharoahe’s previous releases has hit a lot of  ‘glass ceilings’. His manager then went on talking about the power of ‘NO’. There was a situation where MTV and a few other commercial outlets asked about their Clap (One Day) video, and showcasing it on their network. They were cool with it, but as far as anything else, he politely declined their offers. He was talking about how when you do something different from everyone else and use the ‘N-O’ word, people gravitate to it (networks refuse to hear that word used on them). In this case, this album they’re about to put out is not meant for everyone, and they’re okay with it. In fact, Pharoahe Monch and his manager is happy with the fact that this is their first album that they’ve put out without any restrictions on how it’s promoted or made.

I’m glad to see that the opening of 2011 have a few albums that have solid content and a message with it, being offered to the few who wants something different than what everyone else is putting out. Make sure you guys look forward to it on the 22nd when the album is released.


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