The Wedding Crashers: Crashing Your Party & Taking Your Girl [via music]!

What do you get when you have two guys who come together to make music, just for the sake of crashing parties and taking your women? And once you know the answer to that, would you join them? Chances are, you probably would. If you havent seen the movie, then it’s obvious that you wont get it (well, the humor, that is)…

Hahk 2 (left) and M Dot Press (right) have came together in 2010 to form the Wedding Crashers (inspired by the movie). This is one of those few ‘what the hell?’ scenarios (in a good way) I have seen in a while in music. The theory is definitely nothing new behind these two, as the “take your girl” theme has been around since umm… way back when. But… the difference is there’s plenty of humor to go around with these two (especially with Hahk). Poking fun at romance, they give love songs a break and mash up the west coast soul and funk with superficial, egotistical lyrics.

So far, they just started touring across LA to get the word about their group, from doing events at Carbon (Culver City), and at the Dragonfly Nightclub. You can catch them tomorrow over at El Cid for Bridges, and at upcoming events like Da Ill Spot in Pomona and The Flyball [04/23] at Grand Star (Chinatown). Dont miss out…

Wedding Crashers: Facebook | Soundcloud


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