IGNITE: A Fundraiser (music, art, poetry and more) [04/02]!

IGNITE is an evening of music, spoken word and art bringing together the talents of visual artists, actors, spoken word performers, musicians and DJs to raise funds for Tree of Fire, a play written by The Roots and Wings Project founder Jesse Bliss. The play and evening bring urgent attention to the emergency of mass incarceration.

Tree of Fire is a site specific play that belongs in abandoned prisons across the nation. When a magnolia tree catches fire in an aged and ominous women’s prison, three female inmates are forgotten and left to perish. As their lives are threatened, the women are jolted into memories of their past that inform the truth of their souls and ignite the urgent need to expose the inhumanity of the prison to the world [continue reading here].

This special event will be taking place over in Venice at the Old Venice Jail (SPARC). Visual & Performing Artists include: Double G, Founder of Dakah Hip-Hop Orchestra, Audio Angel of San Francisco, Fanny Franklin, Miriam Peniche, Margaret Laurena Kemp, Mike the Poet, AK Toney, DJs Cee Brown, Ricky Chavez and Sloe Poke, Herbierto Luna, Michael Massenburg, Sophia Gasparian, Mike Saijo, Alfonso Aceves, Nico and DZR, Liliflor, Noelle Maline, Jennifer Cuellar, Kristy Sandoval, Patricia Zamorano, Khalid Hussein, and more.

To see more about The Roots and Wings Project, click [here].


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