EDO G – A Face In The Crowd (sampler)

Boston’s legendary emcee is back in full force, ready to release another solo LP for the masses, since his debut solo release of 2005’s My Own Worst Enemy (w/Pete Rock), and 2oo9’s Arts & Entertainment (w/Masta Ace) . I still bump the A&E joint till this day, and I was fortunate to see them rock it live in my hood last year. The new album, A Face In The Crowd, reunites Edo G & DJ Premier back together since the 2000 drop of Saying Something surfaced! The album will hit the stores May 17th, marking the 20th anniversary of his first debut release (w/ Da Bulldogs) Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto. Check out the tracklisting below.


Fastlane (Prod. by DJ Premier) [<—-snippet download]
Life (Interlude)
I Was There
Stop It
Rappers (Interlude)
Dummies (Feat. Bishop Lamont & Def Jeff)
Black Power (Interlude)
Righteous Way
Like That (Feat. Slaine & Jaysaun)
Beat (Interlude)
Only You (Feat. Amandi)
Ain’t Gonna Wait
Drink Up
One Two (Feat. JTronious)
Life (Feat. Chali 2na)
Speak Ur Mind (Feat. M1)
World on My Shoulders (Feat. Made Men) <—(Benzino and crew? damn…)
Time Bomb (Outro)

Edo G – A Face In The Crowd Sampler [download] (via DPB)


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