Keith ‘Guru’ Elam (RIP): One Year Later…

It’s been a year since the late Keith Elam has passed, and most of the hiphop community is still trying to digest this hard pill. Seeing that ‘you know who’ has disappeared out of thin air, you can bet your bottom dollar that he was entirely responsible for this unfortunate situation. DJ Premier, his nephew Justin, and the whole GANGSTARR foundation have been holdin’ him down all across the country, at award shows, and at many of the Red Bull events that calls for DJ Premier’s presence. He held him down hard over at the El Rey Theatre earlier this year, and you can still see the hurt and the pain he still feels when talking about him during his DJ executions.

Guru, like many greats like 2Pac, Big L, Biggie, left waaay too soon. The music they have left behind will forever be a catalog of greatness that gets played at any and every hiphop event thats in existence. There will be plenty of tribute parties catering to this brother, and from what I heard.. DJ Lord Ron (LA legend who have produced tracks for the giant himself) will be doing a tribute set at this weekend’s Urban Underground Weekly’s hiphop show with Big Pooh, Chaundon, Guilty Simpson, Chino XL and many more for the Members Only Tour.

Speaking of tributes, last night Craig G released a track that he and Guru did ten years ago. Go grab it [Craig G – Coming For You (feat. Guru)].


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