Matthew Cherry: The Last Fall (IndieGoGo Film Campaign)

Matthew Cherry (director of Foreign Exchange’s Authenticity visuals) is trying to raise money for his very first feature film called The Last Fall. The story is about a professional football player getting released from his team and going home and rediscovering life outside of sports. So please check out what he’s doing and his previous work, and donate a couple of duckets..

“I wanted to show a different side of life in the NFL, especially with the NFL lock-out currently looming over the up coming season. For every millionaire you have ten other players who are barely making what the average American makes at their regular 9-5, and a lot of times you bounce around from city to city trying to hold onto this childhood dream and a lot times at the expense of family, friends and relationships,” director Matthew A. Cherry had to say. “This is a great opportunity for us to do what we do best and that is to tell small personal stories visually,” producer Scott Hebert adds.

For more info, and to donate, please click [here].


2 thoughts on “Matthew Cherry: The Last Fall (IndieGoGo Film Campaign)

  1. I would like to audtion for the role Faith Davis in the Last Fall

    I have a profile on, and, please give me chance

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