May Day Immigration March (LA): TWO marches [05/01]!

This sunday, there will be TWO marches. I got wind of this information last year from a few people that attended the march. Last year, it became apparent that the FRIC (Full Rights for Immigration Coalition) and SCIC (Southern California Immigration Coalition) have been disputing for quite sometime. In fact, the public got wind of it during last years’ speech that the SCIC & CHIRLA try to give..

Last year, although every effort was made to exclude the SCIC from the planning process and to silence our political demands we made the effort to work together with the other “Immigrant Rights” organizations (Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition…etc) and with the leadership of the LA County Federation of Labor. In the most dishonest and undemocratic fashion, meeting dates/locations/agendas were changed in order to keep the SCIC out of the planning process. On May Day itself, members of the SCIC (men and women) were physically pushed and others were threatened with violence when we tried  get our speakers onto the stage. Because we did not back down, they called the police on us to try to prevent us from getting on the stage to speak; again they failed. In the last act of disrespect, at the end of the rally, while Ron Gochez from the SCIC, Maria Rodriguez and Angelica Salas from CHIRLA were speaking, the microphones were intentionally turned off.

So this year, I’ll be supporting the SCIC. To read about what happened last year, [read here].


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