Soul Sessions: From LA to Japan [05/13]!

Another #SoulSessions exclusive. #JapanBenefit. With special guest DJs for your listening pleasure: House Shoes, Rhettmatic, Jedi, Sean O, Mr. Choc, and the Soul Sessions resident fam!  

There have been many fundraisers for Japan that have taken place when
the disaster first occurred, but we take on an “out of sight, out of mind”
attitude when there is no longer “hype” on the subject.

Remember, the tsunami occurred less than 2 months ago!

There will be a long recovery process for those that lost everything, material
belongings and more importantly, loss of loved ones.

Part of the proceeds from your cover fee will be donated to:

The Nippon Foundation via CARE FOR JAPAN.

CARE FOR JAPAN enables Americans to contribute to The Nippon Foundation’s
long-term community reconstruction efforts. The focus is on orphans, the disabled,
the elderly, immigrants, and others whose particular needs are often left unmet in
difficult circumstances.

For nearly 50 years, The Nippon Foundation has helped Japan’s towns and
neighborhoods deliver social and health services to those in need. The Foundation
has unrivalled experience in immediate disaster assistance in Japan, helping the
most vulnerable following the 1995 Kobe Earthquake, the 1997 Mikuni oil spill, the
2004 Mid-Niigata Earthquake, and 2007 Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

to donate directly, please click: [CARE FOR JAPAN]. Full flyer is down below.


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