Do-Over News…

Yes, for those who are just getting the news (like myself): They’re MOVING. AGAIN.

First off, we would like to thank all the folks at El Cid for trying to cater to the party, but it was just too difficult with the noise and neighbors in that area. We looked at a bunch of locations in LA and we are pretty confident that we found the right place to continue the ride this summer.

We are now back to our Hollywood roots and next door to Amoeba!!!

Maaannnnn…. I was just talking to Haycock not too long ago about how dope this event will be over at El Cid because of how spacious the spot is! But daaaamn, after how the party was abruptly ended around 8pm a couple of weeks back (damn neighbors), it just went down hill from there. I could only imagine what they must’ve gone through trying to find a spot within a week’s time!

The good news is that they dont have to deal with the neighbors anymore, except for those who they have close in common with: AMOEBA! So, mark your calendars with the new (and hopefully, final) location!


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