Beats, Rhymes, & Life: ATCQ Movie Party [07/07]!

Well what a surprise! After missing this weekend of the special screening of this movie + afterparty, here’s the ‘official’ party, which is scheduled the day before the actual LA premiere screening of the movie! This is awesome! Matter of fact, someone must’ve woke Madlib out of his dungeon, because I dont think anyone has really seen him anywhere doing any events, so its good to see that he will be in full effect at this event! Tickets are currently $20, and they’re guaranteed to go up on the day of, so it will be wise for you to get them now. ARRIVE EARLY.

This first show is something that is really special for all of us. We decided that we could not pass up the opportunity to help celebrate one of the most influential groups of the 90′s, A Tribe Called Quest. Our show will be celebrating the release of their new documentary, Beats, Rhymes, and Life, which tells the amazing story of A Tribe Called Quest. Phife from Tribe will be there, along with the director of the film, Michael Rapaport, who will host the show. We also have quite the star studded cast of artists to really blow the top  off of this one. The legendary Madlib will making a very rare LA appearance. Peanut Butter Wolf will also be in the house along with Prince Paul from De La Soul, who will be performing VJ sets. Garth Trinidad from KCRW and Frosty from Dublab will help open the night. There will be many exciting things happening at this show, and it will no doubt be something special. Tickets are available now!


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