They Reminisce Over You – Jeffrey ‘KASE 2’ Brown (Style Wars)

Jeffrey ‘KING KASE 2’ Brown
received his wings: 08/14/11
#TFP #StyleWars

Damn, close to two weeks ago when my cable got cut off, I was watching Style Wars on repeat at least like 3 or 4 times, and during the time I was wondering about whatever happened to the cats that were documented. We all know DEZ turned out to be DJ Kay Slay (some of  you new heads dont know that), but the rest of the crew like Skeme, SEEN, Trap, Mare, and the others.. we havent really caught up to see what they were doing, well, except for tonight I found out that SEEN is rolling with the soon-to-become-legend Banksy nowadays.

Now, we have lost one of the most innovative graffiti artists to the battle with cancer. It’s such a hurtful notion to accept when a person has done so much to create and inspire people through the art of graffiti. I mean, with ONE ARM, he created an army of recruits who has been inspired by the “King Of Style” himself.

Rest In Power. I know you’re creating some dope ass art for God now.


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