ChinkyEyedLA’s 10 Year Anniversary [w/sg Jean Grae & Mr. Len]…

If you knew how often this woman comes down to do an LA performance, then you’d probably understand why there was such a huge turn out at ChinkyEyed’s ten-year-anniversary celebration. The moment that she took a step inside the venue, everyone flocked to her! It got so crazy that it took her a few minutes to get on to perform! It was awesome to see that Mr. Len (Company Flow) took complete authority of the crowd to have them split the floor in two so that Jean was able to walk down the path to the stage and bless everyone with her performance! Everyone definitely enjoyed all the fuckery that went on with her and Mr. Len’s antics, as well as her music!

Oh yea, did I mention that Just Blaze stopped by?

Shoutout to all the acts that blessed the Airliner, and a SPECIAL shoutout to the ChinkyEyed LA crew! Thank you for all your hard work in giving the LA scene some really good hiphop shows, and blessing the crowd with up-and-coming talent from all over, especially those here at home.

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