“Its a 90s Party!” (Mark Luv’s Birthday) w/sg 9th Wonder, DJ Numark [09/23]!

I’m pretty sure that most of you hiphop heads have heard of the Universal Zulu Nation (DJ Kool Herc, ATCQ, Afrika Bambaataa, Soul Sonic Force, X-Clan, Zulu Kings, etc). If not, then you really need to pay attention to the hiphop culture and what makes it what it is, and the influence that Zulu Nation has upon it!

Anyways, DJ Mark Luv has made a huge mark on the Los Angeles scene for many years with his skills on the tables, as well as him being the king of the West Coast chapter of Zulu Nation. Now as of last year, 9th Wonder has became an official member through Mark Luv. So, it seems fitting that 9th will be in town to help ring in another year for Mark Luv becoming older. This is going to be a hell of a party, so if you already know how 9th gets down, then you dont want to be anywhere else but at the Urban Underground at The Airliner.

Special guests who will help with the celebration include DJ Numark, Dr. Greenthumb, and plenty of others! Emcees will include Foci & Deejay Gemini, E-Train, Sharard Baker, and much more! Make sure you get your tickets early while you can, cause otherwise you’ll be left out paying what you know will be some nosebleed prices.


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