The FINAL ‘Goodfoot’ [tonight]…

Man, for all of us who have been in the LA county’s ‘alternate’ party scene, we have witnessed some of the greatest, yet dopest events close down. We have witnessed Firecracker close its doors, The Rootdown (now its.. whatever it is.. a monthly, bi-weekly?) still doing their thing. Now, here’s another chapter written with its ending being told tonight.

My experience with the Good Foot has always been fantastic! From their Halloween/Christmas events at Alex’s Bar to their monthly socials over at Que Sera, I’ve witnessed many of the regulars attend and bring more newbies to the scene. The dance floor is always crowded and there’s not one person on the floor standing around. If you didnt feel like dancing, you’d either be at the bar, playing pool, or chilling outside cooling off because the venue is so small!

So this time around, please come out and help celebrate with Dennis and Rodi, bringing their 13-year streak to an end with a bang! I will be there in attendance taking pictures.

Read the article that was posted in the Long Beach Post:


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