Where were you/what were you doing on 09/11?

First of all, I must say that regardless of the beliefs that we hold, no matter how strong we feel about our military involvement in various wars since 2001, I MUST say respectfully, FUCK YOUR FEELINGS, and fuck whatever protests that are going on all over the country. Today is about honoring those who died in the attacks, the firefighters and anyone else who sacrificed themselves in their courageous attempt to aide those in the buildings, and the families who lost their kin in the aftermath…

And most important.. honor all of New York.

So, now my question… well, its not MY question; its a question that everyone is asking in general: Where were YOU when the towers struck? What were you doing?

I remember waking up in a garage trying to get ready for school. I forgot what I was doing the night before, but I do remember having to go to school the following day. I usually turn on the tv when im getting ready to go somewhere (im pretty sure its a ritual for most people). So when I did that, obviously all the channels were reporting the tragedy. It didnt hit me for a few hours, but once I got to school and everyone was talking about it… then it struck me.

One thing I do remember was wondering what Bush was going to do in response. When he announced that he was going to retailiate, at first I was honestly all for it.. because at the time (IMO), the country was being run by someone that didnt know what they were doing; but in retrospect we didnt feel like we were in imminent danger, either, as a country.  Plus it also showed our vulnerability. So, yes… I was all for him retaliating. Then it was revealed that our attackers were ‘muslim’.

Once that ‘factor’ was revealed, there was an immediate hate for the muslims that grew within the US. I mean literally. It then, pissed me off to see how the media portrayed the muslims as an evil force to reckon with, with everyone eating this propaganda like breakfast to start off your day. Then I realized I was wrong for thinking Bush should’ve retaliated. Next thing you know, all of America slowly shifted its focus from going after the culprits to going after Saddam (supposedly, he had WMD). There were attacks on many mosques across the country, American Muslims getting the backlash, and folks trying to associate President Obama with being a muslim. If you have seen the 1hour documentary, “UnWelcome: Muslims Next Door” brought to you by CNN, then you probably would have a glimpse of what it is like to be hated because of your beliefs, especially in this day in time.

I have many muslim friends. Did it inspire me to write this? Probably. Not only that, but I decided to write this piece because seeing Muslims being shitted on because of what they are sickens me, along with being exhausted of seeing so many people dying in these tragic wars. WHY? What for? We made waaaay too many errors as a country to be doing this, and too many innocent victims have been slained because of it. Now, this is NOT an attack on our ‘common sense’ as a country (just kidding, yea it is….); this is simply a reminder to all of you to be smarter with your attacks. If you’re going to attack your ‘enemy’, KNOW YOUR ENEMY FIRST. This is simple basic instructions when going in battle. There’s definitely a difference between an religious extremist and religious believer.

You definitely saw the difference ten years ago on this day.


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