Thank You For Thirteen Years, Good Foot..

Thirteen years.

The final night kicked off with the Good Foot starting at 7pm. Dennis and Rodi (who came out from Japan) wasted NO time getting the party started, considering they’ve amassed a faithful following, with folks coming out from Orange County and Los Angeles. They KNEW that this was going to be a challenge to get ALL the folks to come inside, but as the night progressed, everyone eventually got in with ease. It’s also important to note that the line for this funky event went all the way down to the corner (see above).

There’s plenty of spots to hit up in the city. In fact, since Downtown Long Beach’s (Pine Square) lost its ‘limelight’ in the nightlife scene, people has ventured out to various places like Los Angeles or Orange County. In the city, you could’ve hit up the Prospector, or any other bar off of 4th St’s Retro Row.. or go down Anaheim and hit up Alex’s. Out of thirteen years, how many promoters in Long Beach can say they’ve been at the SAME venue faithfully, providing the same quality music (of ANY kind) to their faithfuls over a decade?

Dennis Owens can.

The frontman, along with Rodi Delgadillo, Scott Weaver, DJ Abel, as well as many guests like Music Man Miles (Rootdown, Breakestra), Bobby Soul (Boogaloo Assassins; Continental Room) have provided the soulful vibes that in these days and times are becoming nonexistent. All the music has provided you some funk, soul, and rare grooves that you can only hear on 45’s and what not. What was even great was that this was an ALL VINYL AFFAIR (NO SERRATO).

Like always, the dance floor at Que Sera was always jam-packed, and it was even MORE packed for this last time! Once the night came to a close, Dennis gave the ‘5 minutes’ announcement. It was kinda hard to witness this ending slowly, because there isnt many places around town that plays this grown-folk-type music. So, with that being said… everyone congratulated Dennis & Rodi for their efforts to keep this scene alive and well in Long Beach. At the end of the night, folks were looking for posters and shirts that commemorated the last night of Good Foot. Since they couldnt find any, everyone was to give their email addresses to receive a follow-up.

The night ended quite well. Thanks for 13 years, and I (personally) hope you continue to do your holiday events (Christmas & New Years’)!

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