Special Comment: #Occupy (insert state, city, or country here)

I’ve been seeing these hashtags (#occupywallstreet) all over twitter, and many facebook pages representing their city, state, and country (who’s supporting what #OWS is doing). In many other countries, the citizens of their land are going through the exact same situation that we (as a country) are going through. The 99% that are not being represented are the people, and the 1%.. are the corporations, government, and also their supporters. This huge divide within the country is expanding much more wide, as people are slowly starting to open their eyes and realize that there is definitely something is going wrong within our country. But with trying to make this goal come into fruition, there will always be a few of ‘those’ that will come into the way to prevent the goal from happening. And of course.. who doesn’t think the ‘other’ folks have their personal interests to look out for?

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As you may know, with every movement that is made across the country, there will always be opposition. In this case (similar to every movement that happens every year), once again,… it’s the police. No matter what happens, nor what event you hit up when you’re speaking out against America (or your city, state, etc).. they will always be the first group of people you’ll see in full force, and the first group of people to swing whatever they have against you (check the video above). It’s unfortunate that the police has to brutalize the folks that are speaking their minds (and KEEPING the peace), so apparently, the police are there to ‘occupy’ us. This isnt new at all. We’ve been witnessing this over the course of time, especially in poverty-stricken urban neighborhoods.

These economic times has been hard on everyone, with folks looking for jobs while simultaneously… people are getting laid off. Not only that, we’re still out in other countries fighting terrorism, getting involved in stuff we have no business being in, while the country is on an decline. While all of this is going on, the corporations (Wall Street) are pocketing all this money they’re profiting off these scenarios and mishandling it, which is what the base of this demonstration is about. We are the 99%. I’m a part of the 99%.  

It’s impossible to translate the issue of the greed of Wall Street into one demand, or two demands. We’re talking about a democratic awakening…you’re talking about raising political consciousness so it spills over all parts of the country, so people can begin to see what’s going on through a set of different lens, and then you begin to highlight what the more detailed demands would be. Because in the end we’re really talking about what Martin King would call a revolution: A transfer of power from oligarchs to everyday people of all colors. And that is a step by step process. – Cornell West (<—download mp3) 

What’s going on here is also taking place all across the world. We are seriously going through a global financial crisis. Earlier this year the world has seen Egypt rise up against the corrupt powers that be, and London following suit. Now, we’re in a fight against corporations and Wall Street, and many similar acts are being taking all over the world like Canada, Australia, Asia, England, Japan.. just to name a few. If you want to see the list of those who are joining up, check out http://www.occupytogether.org/ for more details.

This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed and to be taken into action! Organize and occupy! Well,… im off to #OccupyLA!


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