Occupy Wall Street: New York x Los Angeles [pictures]…

As of yet I havent had the opportunity to check out the LA division of #OWS. Earlier this week, my hometown has recently started up their chapter, which I think is awesome! I need to get to mobilizing with people right away. Anyways, I wanted to share a few photos of what’s been going down on two separate coasts. Although out here in Los Angeles it has been quite peaceful out here (except for the notice given to #OccupySF), things arent so much pleasant out on the East. Unfortunately as of tonight, the tension between the protesters and the police has snapped. Not saying that the violent beatings by the cops has not been going on, but this time around, tonight might (and I stressed the word might) have caused an uproar.  I’m pretty sure the protesters will keep the peace as usual, and it doesnt look like they’ll be backing down anytime soon, either. Check out the pictures down below…

If any other #occupy support group across the globe is supporting #OWS, you better be taking notes on what NYC is doing. It can, and possibly be your group that it can happen to.

pictures courtesy of ACD Media & OWS Los Angeles.


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