Da Ill Spot: 2 Year Anniversary w/sg Planet Asia [10/21]!

Jelani has many reasons to be celebrating. Considering his ethics in providing a platform for up-and-coming talent over at Aladdin’s in Downtown Pomona, this brotha has worked hard to solidify his name in the LA/IE/Pomona scene. I’m pretty sure you’ve probably seen him around all over LA with a small crew hitting up light poles, walls, local shops, tagging up posters for Guerilla Union, and passing out flyers for his upcoming events with The Noise Academy.

Towards the end of the month, be sure to be at Aladdin’s to check out his special guest, Planet Asia! Along side of him, you’ll have Curtiss King, Ewok One, Hazmat Da God, Awthentik, Weapon Of The Masses, Poetik Force, Blak King, Pops, & Equip opening up the ceremony! So, help come celebrate with Jelani & The Noise Academy to congratulate Da Ill Spot for its second year bringing in talent from all over LA and beyond!

Check out the site:


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