The ‘last’ Flyball [at Grand Star]… tonight!

I just got word yesterday from my homegirl that put this event on.. that this may be the last FLYBALL event over at Grand Star. The Flyball will continue, though. Just stay tuned for the details! This is a special night, which will feature Jay-P (DP Sound) and Stro Elliot (The Procussions). For those of you that DO know about Stro, you’re familiar with him working with the LOWBUDGET emcee/producer, Kev Brown (among many other projects, of course). So with that being said, Jay-P & Stro will be doing a special set tonight over at this party!

Hi Friends Just a heads up this will probably be one of the last Fly Balls at the grand star, might just be the last one. Im going out with a bang your support and blessing would be appreciated. I love you all and hope to see you there. – Eshil Omar

So come out and support!


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