‘OCCUPY LA’ faces eviction by Monday, 11/28 (12:00AM)…

I’ve been ‘somewhat’ of an active participant in this ‘Occupy’ movement for a while.. keeping up with what’s going on across the country, viewing the livestreams, etc. So far (from my knowledge), Oakland, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Sydney (Australia); I know there’s PLENTY of others, campuses like UC Davis & UC Berkeley [who are protesting the fee hikes on California colleges and universities… have been in battle with the police. So, who’s next city in line to ‘possibly engage’ with them?

Los Angeles.

For as long as they have been in existence, everything has so far been peaceful over at LA City Hall. There hasn’t been any incidents with the police; in fact.. some of the folks who are camping out there have been having casual conversations with cops, and from what I’ve witnessed.. there’s on an average of two cops on site patrolling on foot. There have been peaceful demonstrations so far, from marching to Olvera Street (among many other places), to the N17 demonstration (which in my opinion was the straw that broke Mayor Villaraigosa’s back).  I think some (if not most) of the protesters realized that there will be a time when they will have to eventually face off against the police…

…and that may happen tonight at midnight, because many of #OccupyLA are going to stand their ground.

If you want to help support this movement, read the flyer down below. There will be training this morning, so if you want to help participate ahead of time, make sure you head to LA City Hall by 1130am, and later today at 730pm tonight.


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