The Word Is Bond Turns 2! WIB Team Presents: “Sky’s The Limit” (Anniversary Compilation)!

On November 26th (last Saturday), the Word Is Bond site has been in existence for two years! Completely faithful in giving you the best in hiphop music from all over the world, along with the latest news about your favorite artists, as well as giving you something to think about when it comes to music (Food For Thought); the Word Is Bond crew has been a tremendous force to check out. Each editor on the site brings a different personality to the page and have some substance to show for it!

With that being said, for all the faithful readers of the site (including the onlookers), we put together a compilation for you guys to check out and download. Please dont hesitate to add us on your blogs, facebook, tumblr, twitt… well, you get the idea. Thank you for checking out the site, and may you continue to appreciate the music we provide for the masses! We do this for you! =)

Check out the tracklisting & editors info below.

Word Is Bond Team:

Jose Lopes (Founder/Editor-In-Chief) – UK
Paddy (Food For Thought/Reviews) – UK
Peacelove (Senior Editor/Articles) – UK
602Diggler (Editor/Articles) – United States (AZ)
Carminelitta (Editor [Interviews/Articles]) – UK
Weedy Boy Detective (Editor [Drop On A Classic/UK Events]) – UK
Akkee (Editor [Anything Japan Related]) – Japan
DJ A-Up (Editor [Facebook/UK]): UK
Mrs. 9th Wonder (Editor/Articles): Canada
Hardeep (Editor/Album Reviews) – UK
Sean Beckwith (Editor/Daily News & Newsletter)
Eric Soul (Editor/US Events) – United States (CA)

Word Is Bond: website | facebook (like) | twitter (#WIB) | tumblr | youtube 


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