A little over a year ago, I made a post about Guru’s demo tape being streamed through Library Of Vinyl (peace to Pace who has a shitload of early recordings of Boston’s musicians/entertainers). A few emails prior, he and I got into a little small debate on how some folks are out ‘to get a rep’ (pointed out by the homie Chris Faraone). Somewhere along the line, we ended up being cool and he sent me over the legendary recordings of Guru’s first appearances on radio (the link is NOW dead).

Since Guru’s passing, The X Label has been dedicated to keeping the memory of Keith Elam alive by memorabilia (clothing, music, etc). In this case, the demo tape is now in tape form, and Justin Elam (Guru’s nephew; head of The X Label) was selling them last sunday at Beat Swap Meet. You can still get yours online, and the proceeds will be going to the KC (Guru’s son) Trust Fund.

The X LABEL:  website | facebook | twitter


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