Cairo Women (yes, WOMEN)… Protesting Against Military Rule!

Photo by Nasser Nasser/Associated Press

By far this is MY official favorite photo! for two reasons! One, there’s a lot of emotions that is captured on here, and two… its because of the history that’s present! Women in the Arab gathered together to protest against military rule is one of the bravest things that has ever been done in the history of Egypt, let alone Arab women expressing their anger!

Historians called the event the biggest women’s demonstration in modern Egyptian history, the most significant since a 1919 march against British colonialism inaugurated women’s activism here, and a rarity in the Arab world. It also added a new and unexpected wave of protesters opposing the ruling military council’s efforts to retain power and its tactics for suppressing public discontent.

The march abruptly pushed women to the center of Egyptian political life after they had been left out almost completely. Although women stood at the forefront of the initial revolt that ousted President Hosni Mubarak 10 months ago, few had prominent roles in the various revolutionary coalitions formed in the uprising’s aftermath. Almost no women have won seats in the early rounds of parliamentary elections. And the continuing demonstrations against military rule have often degenerated into battles in which young men and the security police hurl rocks at each other.via NY TIMES

I salute all the women who are putting their backs against the wall to fight for their freedom and their right to be heard!


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