The New Over 2012!

Do-Over’s New-Over 2011 Video

Ill be honest. I dont really fuck with the hipster crowd scene at all, but over the years since the Do has gained so much popularity.. a lot of hipsters attend. Yet, at the same time, this event brought to you by Jamie Strong, Aloe Blacc, & Chris Haycock will be the place I’ll be a part of… hipsterville or not. Mind you, this party does bring people together from all areas of scenes that everyone’s a part of. It definitely has something for everyone. Since I havent had my fix since a year ago, I guess you can say I’ll be attending this year’s extravaganza this time around. Plus, I havent seen any of my homies in quite sometime…

If any of you guys are/aren’t hung over from the night before.. come through! Make sure you put your John Hancock in that rsvp page!


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