My growth as a person who likes taking pictures…

This year has been very challenging, yet adventurous for me. I had my camera stolen earlier this year when my apartment got broken into; taking a digital photography class to learn HOW to take pictures (no snapshots) while learning the features on my camera. Learning photoshop also in class helped out a lot as well. Although I had the software for almost a year, I’ve finally decided to actually USE it for some of my homework assignments (we used it in class). When I heard about Lightroom.. it was all over for me. The use of that is like pure crack.. stay away from it if you dont want to get addicted!

The picture that’s displayed above is a testimony of what/who I’ve taken pictures of over the course of the year (w/the edits). It was easy for me to put the nine pictures together with using Lightroom and have them displayed as a canvas. They’re not in chronological order, but  I hope it does show my maturity as a picture fanatic. I like taking pictures of people in their natural moments of fulfillment. But anyhow, I dont want to bore you.. I just wanted to share with what I’ve learned so far in taking pictures, and learning the software to mildly edit them as well.

Peace to Mark Bijasa for making my official logo for the blog. Peace to my classmates who helped me do well in my photography class. Peace to Kai Streets for pretty much got me into doing this full term, and showing me the possibilities of what I can do with my camera, and recommending on getting an upgrade (I’ll get on the video edits soon)!



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