PICTURES: CherryPoppin [1/11/12] (w/sg Cee-Lo + more)…

Since the Idle Warship show ended early last Wednesday, a few of my friends that I went with didnt want to call it a night. So, I told them about Cherry Poppin’ going down at The Room, and we shot out over there. At first I didnt intend on taking pictures while I was there, but since I saw my lovely lady friend/photographer Maricel handling her business over there, I decided to snap a few just for the heck of it.

All of a sudden, Cee-Lo & Big Gipp shows up. They were there for V‘s birthday, as well for the announcement of her being signed to Cee-Lo’s label (which was revealed later in the night). From my understanding, Omar Epps and a few others showed up in support as well.

Anyways, check out the few pictures that I have down below. But, I have to be honest: Maricel’s pictures are much, much better than mine.


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