The Second Annual Paid Dues Habitat For Humanity Project [03/10]!

I dont know if anyone has heard of this yet, but Murs & Guerilla Union got together with Habitat For Humanity last year for the first time to build a house out in Lynwood. There were also some GU fans that also helped out (including a couple who came out from the Bay). In a couple of months from now, there will be another project that Murs and GU are teaming with HFH to tackle. There are currently fifteen spots available for filling, so if you’re interested please sign up. It’s always a blessing to give back to your community.

Project volunteers will spend another fun-filled day with Murs and Guerilla Union this year, making a difference by helping HFH GLA as they continue to offer low-income families and individuals a hand up, not a hand out, by providing them with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build and own their own homes. The registration fee for volunteers includes a VIP ticket to Paid Dues, a commemorative Paid Dues Habitat for Humanity Project T-Shirt, an autographed limited edition 18×24 Paid Dues poster and more.

Fans that are unable to join the build can still help HFH GLA by donating here:

Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angeles

Paid Dues Independent Hip Hop Festival


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