Cypress Hill SmokeOut Protests Against The Crackdown Of ‘Safe Access’ [03/01]!

Now this is interesting! Two days before the actual festivities go off there will be a rally & march for the legal use of marijuana and the LA ban against the use of it! This is more than just folks ‘smoking out’; people actually use for medicinal purposes.

Cypress Hill SmokeOut has teamed with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and Medicine & Music Project for a peaceful protest in response to recent Federal activities against medical marijuana as well as the local Los Angeles ban on medical marijuana. The event will start with protesters meeting at the west steps of City Hall at 4:20pm and will then proceed to the Edward R. Roybal Federal building where speakers on safe access will include Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Americans for Safe Access’ California Director Don Duncan and more.

The goal of the rally is to draw attention to local threats towards patient access and federal interference in efforts to regulate medical marijuana. The scope of the federal crackdown is shocking, as federal officials and agencies have threatened providers, growers and property owners. They are seeking to intimidate elected officials, financial service providers, legal gun owners and media outlets. This may be the broadest and most serious threat to medical cannabis yet. The federal crackdown has frustrated efforts to regulate medical marijuana in Los Angeles and some City Council members are ready to ban patient cooperatives and collectives outright.

Protesters are encouraged to take public transportation. Parking information is also available here:

Starting location – 4:20pm:

City Hall (meeting at the West Steps)
200 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ending Location:

Edward R. Roybal Federal Building
255 E. Temple Street (between N. Los Angeles St. and N. Alameda St)
Los Angeles, CA 90006


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