MUSIC COMPILATION: WIB’s 602Diggler x DigiCrates Records – Deep (Vol. 1)

Its about time that I posted up some music on here! I know it’s rare that I do it nowadays, but I rather post up stuff that’s not common on any other site, especially if it’s dope! My WIB brother Michael (602Diggler) has been very lowkey with some heads from DigiCrates crew in Japan working on this fresh compilation for quite a while! Im currently listening to this joint while I’m making this post and its definitely worth listening to! Check out what Michael said about this compilation…

Introducing a unique compilation compiled from the styles of “602Diggler” representing The Word Is Bond and “Cory Atkins” representing DigiCrates Records.. For the future endeavours taking place here on WIB, we had stated before that we where going to take bigger steps into the 2012 year onward to stain the brains of the masses of readers to from across the globe and to make a positive difference for the music and artists we support..So what we have here Ladies and Gentlemen is a 20 track compilation, First 10 tracks compiled from the handpicked venom on the DigiCrates Records side and then the second set if 10 heat rocks slapped up from 602Diggler WIB side.. It’s very choice in a versatile quality set of instrumentals and hip hop in unison projecting from both sides of a musical point of view.. It’s highly recommended that you play this at high volume and slap properly, as it’s a first pertaining to a classic compilation of musical birth and with an outbreak of volumes to come… Sit back and take everything, vibe with us, and enjoy..GHEA!!! THE WORD IS BOND!… To Be Continued…

Word Is Bond: website | twitter
602Diggler: twitter
DigiCrates (Japan): website | twitter


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