EYEWITNESS: EGYPT -and- US Threats On Iran & Syria [02/25]!

I haven’t posted anything in regards to serious politics in a long time (which I should do more of). Im making this post, I’m wondering where does ANSWER stand in regards to this ‘invasion’ of Syria.. and why? Right before she passed away, she gave her last interview with Anderson Cooper, reporting that the Syrian Army is just blasting every single house in a poor neighborhood, especially watching a 2-year-old boy die after a ‘shelling’ by them. If you have not read the story about what’s going on in Syria, then I suggest you do some research, and put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself.

Here’s the latest timeline on the happenings in Syria. Anyways, if you guys are planning to go tomorrow to check this discussion out, then take a lot of notes and ask questions.


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