PICTURES/REVIEW: Rock The Bells 2012 Conference + Performances (05/15/12)!

This year’s Rock The Bells 2012 line-up is very.. ‘interesting’. What’s dope about this event is that this year it’s a two-day festival (just like how it should be). It’s awesome for a number a reasons… it’s my first time ever to attend a press conference; two, I made some awesome connections, and three; I got a chance to hear a few stories from DJ Quik about how Digital Underground threw parties and.. umm… I’ll just leave it at that. I’m pretty sure someone got it on tape, so I’ll post it up as soon as it hits the ‘net. But with that being said.. it’s dope to see that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony getting back together, despite their differences. In addition, they’re going back to the studio and making more music, with some shows in mind as well for this year. View some of the pictures down below.

Peace to Jelani (Guerilla Union/Da Ill Spot), Mark The Second, Brandi Garcia (93.5 KDAY), Andres (HiphopDX), Erik & JD (Things To Do Inland Empire), & the VidzAllDay Staff! See you guys soon!

Anyways, check out my review + additional pictures over at The Word Is Bond.

PS: If you’re wondering who that ‘one guy’ is, yes.. that is El Debarge & his son. FYI: He and DJ Quik are currently working on a project together.


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