They Reminisce Over You: Donna Summer (MURAL by SERVE ONE)

LaDonna Adrian Gaines
Donna Summer
(12/31/48 – 05/17/12)

A couple of days ago, the Disco Queen has received her wings. She unfortunately lost her battle to cancer, which has been a very rough battle in the past two weeks for her and her fans. Hearing about the news the same day through a friend via text, South Bronx’s legendary graffiti artist/DJ SERVE (known as SERVE ONE) immediately paid homage to the ‘Last Dance‘ artist by curating her 1978 double-LP cover Live and MoreServe One went to respond to his friends on his facebook page on how this came about..

….when I came to Tuff City today, I never knew about her death at all. My friend text me telling me that Diana Ross was dead at first. So when I Googled it up, that’s when I found out it was Donna that died. So I grabbed some cans and blazed this for all of you that loved her.


3 thoughts on “They Reminisce Over You: Donna Summer (MURAL by SERVE ONE)

  1. Whoever did this grafitti dedication to Donna Summer needs to be thanked personally…I had to make that MY cover page. So many people I know knew Donna personally including some of my family. Donna used to babysit my cousin, then when she got older, she was roomate’s w/Donnas sister. My dad also met Donna’s family. Ive heard NOTHING BUT good things about her…an amazing woman, an amazing life and an amazing career. Bostons #1 DIVA…RIP LADONNA ADRIAN GAINES ♥ ♥ ♥ 3’S UP!

    PS: Wish you had done one here in Boston…it would’ve been fitting since Donna grew up here, so many people I know knew her personally…she’ll always be our BAD GIRL!!!

    1. The person who did the artwork (LEGEND graffiti bomber Serve One) is from/lives in NY. You should hit him up. I featured his facebook profile in my writeup on this story… the link is in orange. Thank you for coming to my page and checking it out!

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