They Reminisce Over You – Robin Gibb (The Bee Gees)

 Robin Gibb 
[co-founder of the Brothers Gibb (or Bee Gees)]
(12/22/49 – 05/20/12)

Dang, three days later after Donna‘s passing, Robin received his wings. From the reports I’ve been reading online all morning, he’s suffered something close to mirroring his twin brother’s demise (well, at least the symptoms anyways). Te tragic news has just sent shockwaves all over the world, especially in Europe and here in the states. I remember hearing the Bee Gees when my mother used to play them on the oldies radio (1110AM KRLA), but got more familiar with the group growing up, especially on Saturday Night Fever (w/John Travolta).

Dang, this is a devastating loss for devotees of music in our heyday. Shoutout to the Bee Gees for giving us that refreshing feel of outstanding music…

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