Motown On Mondays: The Hip-Hop Edition (pictures)…

Last monday was my first time attending Motown On Mondays, and also my first time checking out The Short Stop. I know some of you have ‘been there maaaaany times’… but mind you, this was my first. I dont remember the last time I’ve went to an event on a monday night where there was a lot of people in attendance (wait, there was #greeneverymonday at the now-defunct Palmer Room in Culver City). From the pictures that my friend Farah has given me significant proof that there’s always something going down on Monday nights (again).

DJ Expo has done such a fine job putting together a crew that can rock a party.. just by playing old records from Motown (or anything from that era). Plus, the special guests that the crew has coming down has been fresh (the names say it all)!

Last monday, Red Bull Thre3style contestant D-JR was the special guest for the evening. If you were there, then you’ve witnessed why he was enlisted to compete for the Thre3Style championship last year. He got everyone turned-up with the samples + songs that used the samples by many hiphop artists (example: he played this and this; I didnt even realize that it was used)! Besides, that was the theme of the night..

Anyhow, come out tonight for some more dopeness, and check out the pictures from last monday down below. For those of you who came to check out your pictures, right-click on them to save them. Thanks for letting me shoot you, and peace to DJ Expo, Jedi, D-JR, & Inka One (who came out to chill).

Motown On Mondays (LA): website | twitter

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