Will.I.Am Unveils His New iPhone Camera Attachment: foto.sosho!


So I was browsing the internet for some inspiration on improving my skills in my photography, and I come upon this page that was posted a couple of days ago. It’s about Will’s new gadget that will turn the iPhone’s current camera into, as quoted, ‘a 14 megapixel beast’. This ‘camera’ will be a snap-on piece that will feature a slide-out keyboard. Check out the details below and the video which feature Will.I.Am’s launch of his new site called i.am+ (which will go live on December 6th) and the details of his gizmo…

  • The gadget will be available for iPhone 4 & 5 (w/four models; contemporary & vintage models [C.4 & 5; V.4 & 5]).
  • The gadget will come with four interchangeable lenses and a flash (a standard lens, a fish-eye, a wide-eye, & a telephoto lens).
  • It will also come with editing software that features the filtering aspect, and also some sharing tools – basically, it will operate just like how Instagram does, with the photo-sharing & social network feature.

The attachments for the iPhone 4/4S will be available for purchase on December 6th (via Selfridges in UK; starting at $320 for the C.4 and $480 for the V.4), but the iPhone 5 ones which will be replacing the entire iPhone camera with a sensor & flash won’t be available until sometime next year. Prices for it has yet to be discussed.


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