‘Licensed To Ill’ Photography Exhibit by Sunny Bak in Sherman Oaks [03/16-24]!

Licensed To Ill Photo Exhibit

Sunny Bak, who is currently one of the chair members of the Venice Art Crawl, has had a long career in photography. Her roster of clients include Keanu Reeves, Jason Priestly, Gene Simmons (of KISS), Seth Green, among many others. Her work has been featured in many top notch publications, like TIME Magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Jay-Z‘s Decoded, and lots more. But one thing is for sure is that she’s well-known for taking pictures for the Beastie Boys, including their debut album for Licensed To Ill.

This saturday, Sunny will be showcasing her photography in Sherman Oaks at The Basement 818 Gallery. Also, the Beastie Boys’ tribute band, the Pollywog Crew, will be performing the trio’s hits in their honor. Make sure you get there  early, as it’s expected to be packed. The exhibit ends on the 24th.


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