Documentary: Free Angela & All Political Prisoners (04/05)!

Free Angela! 

Man, I miss watching documentaries in theatres of any kind. To me, they’re the most important pieces of artistry based on truth & perception that any living individual should have an eye for (besides the bull you guys watch on TV). I own a few of them, but the last time I’ve went out to watch one… hmm… it’s been ages (plucks out white hair from beard).

This piece, brought to you by Shola Lynch, is definitely one to watch. The only thing is.. it’s being shown in a few cities (Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, Detroit, Oakland, Boston, Atlanta) in AMC Theaters. Seeing this pop up online has remind me of when I saw her speak live at CSULB almost 8 years ago.

Make sure you dont miss out on the first day when this come out! April 5th is the date!

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