Enter Your Best Shot for Red Bull Illume: Image Quest 2013!


Now here’s a contest that every photographer should participate in, especially if you’re into sports photography! Unfortunately I just stumbled upon this yesterday, so you only have four days to make this happen! The good thing? You can submit up to at least 50 shots for ten categories, so that’s five shots for each category! The categories are as follows (click the orange links for visual examples):


  • Close Up: Images that show extreme detail of one or more aspects of an athletic feat: a tight shot of the action, the equipment, the body, the face, etc.
  • Energy: Images that demonstrate the force that powers an action and show the energy, speed and strength required for an athlete to perform.
  • Experimental: Images that have been enhanced digitally or in the darkroom through alterations made in the production or digital editing process.
  • Illumination: Images that illuminate your artistic skill, your personal best, your unique style; this is an open category so anything goes – give us your best shot!
  • Lifestyle: Images that visually capture the creativity of the lifestyle, music and culture that surrounds action and freesports, or represents what happens before, between, and after the action.
  • New Creativity: Images that reveal a unique angle, a visual idea, a different format, light and flash effects… something never seen before! It’s the purely creative image without digital alterations.
  • Playground: Images that showcase the landscapes, locations, platforms, and environments in which athletes play.
  • Sequence: Images that tell the whole story in a single frame and capture the progression of an action at every stage.
  • Spirit: Images that portray the spirit or personality that athletic performances produce, as well as the pain, emotion and struggles that go along with trying to achieve one’s goals, whether due to injury, failure or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Wings: Images that capture the point in a performance in which the athlete jumps, catches air, free falls, soars.

Now, what you have to do is this:

1)    register here 
2)    click the activation link sent to you via email (check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive)
3)    Login here and upload your awesome images

For more details, go to their website.

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