Adobe Presents: Lightroom 5 (beta)!


Last week, Adobe has released a trial version of the newest effort in editing photography in creative ways, Lightroom 5 (beta). A couple of days ago I’ve been browsing online for some pointers to touch up some of my pictures, and that’s when I discovered that Lightroom is coming out with their fifth edition, especially with new ways to tweak your pictures!

If you’re a fanatic of Lightroom (just like I am), then this is definitely the program you must try out! This new version has quite a few tools to use, such as the Advanced Healing Brush, which helps you remove spots and unwanted stuff in your pictures. In the previous versions of LR, you were only able to remove them via circular areas; this edition changed all that, since there are stuff in the picture that comes in various irregular shapes by using it as a brush! Hmm.. what else did they add?

  • Radial Filter – which is now one of my favorites (thanks to Matt)!  It’s a tool that creates a vignette effect on a certain spot of the picture chosen by you. If you don’t know what a vignette effect is, picture a fisheye lens with the black edges in the picture fades from black to clear (towards the specific illuminated point) in the picture. You can watch here for the example on how it works. What Matt did was change the location of the focal points, and created presets for you to download! Thanks, sir! 
  • Upright – This is definitely for EVERY single photographer who can’t keep their camera steady in their hand and take a picture straight. Or, when you try to upload a photo via photoshop or on any photo-editing program and it comes out all crooked ‘n stuff, making you have to adjust it correctly, which is a total pain. This tool gives you four easy methods to straighten tilted images with a single click of a button. It also checks out the image and detects the jacked-up vertical & horizontal lines, and straighten the shot where the horizon is hidden. Check out the video.
  • Improved Photo Book Creation – In Lightroom 4 (which I’m currently using), the Book module was introduced. You were able to create a look book for any client, friends or whatever; you can also put it in PDF form for online viewing. Now, you can tweak it up by adding page numbers, captions (for photos and/or pages), customize page layouts, and more! Check out the video by Laura Shoe for the details.

There are plenty more updates that are featured in the upcoming Lightroom 5, which will be out in June. But since Adobe is so nice to their fans, they’ve given us an opportunity to download the FREE trial version of the program and play with it. According to Adobe, this is an UNFINISHED version of the actual program, so this beta version is released for the purpose of getting feedback on it. What’s dope is that you can download it, and if you already have any of the previous versions, the beta version won’t interfere with the one you have… so don’t worry about upgrading because it won’t happen.

For more details, click here. To download the LR5 Beta, click here. Mind you, this version is FREE until June 30th.

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