Searching for self…

I think I have finally found my groove. Now, let’s see how long I can keep this up. It’s been over a year since I’ve posted, and I have completely ignored this blog. But, considering that I’ve ran into a number of people who have called me out (in a good way) on not updating it [they told me that subscribed to my blog], I should stick to this blog here and continue to update it. This blog here, as well as my good friend Porschia, are the reasons why everything that has come to this point in my photography/journalism career started flourishing.

IMG_3501There’s a number of things that have happened since I’ve ‘disappeared’. I stopped being active on twitter, faded to black on facebook, stopped going to events to cover shows, and a number of other minor things.. but those were my main go-to’s. I’ve changed my format up and started hitting roofs in DTLA (see my IG for the shots, including the one on the left). I got so addicted in wanting to try something different that I’ve also made it clear to myself that this will be a great opportunity to try getting over my fear of heights. I started learning about the roof culture when it comes to ‘chasing roofs’, or what’s used to be known as ‘rooftopping’, how to shoot it, what to do when it comes to roofs once you’re on top, or what to do when you’re in a situation where you have to make on-the-spot decisions, among other things. Believe me when I say… like RAP, this shit IS NOT for everyone. I’m in it also for the thrill and the spectacular views.

After so many months of hitting roofs, I’ve slowed down and started linking up with people who hit bandos. Bandos is used as an alias for abandoned buildings (nevermind the Fetty Wap reference; this label has been around, and unfortunately Blake told the world what some hood terms meant). Some things are literally meant for people to figure out for themselves. I have a couple under my belt in terms of what I’ve shot, so be on the lookout for those.

I even mentioned that I am interested in shooting portraits, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do so. You’ll see those up soon as well. I recently have done my first boudoir shoot with a friend of mine, and I have to say… it was difficult. That’s definitely an art in itself.

Anyhow, here’s to a new beginning, and I hope to keep you guys interested in my blog.

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