A Night In Bronzeville – History Of Little Tokyo (06/23)!

Project Bronzeville

Spotted over at my friend Michelle’s page, I’ve seen this flyer with some horns on it. Then when I started reading the details, I just realized that I’m getting schooled in the history of the development of Little Tokyo, and what changes it went through in the 40s during World War 2 . Anyhow, this project started off as a fundraiser that ended up meeting their goal ($$), which in turn is putting together this event (which includes a play, an exhibit, and a musical which stars Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)!

HISTORY: This exhibit takes a dive into the relationship between the Japanese & African Americans during World War 2, after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States then issued the Executive Order 9066 (the removal & incarceration of Japanese Americans all across the West Coast). Once that went down, LA Mayor Fletcher Brown wanted the Japanese Americans removed completely from the Southland, resulting in evictions wherever they stayed. All the locations where there was a high influx of Japanese Americans became ghost towns, and one place (in particular, Little Tokyo) became a huge migration place for African Americans (those from the Deep South), seeking employment. The reason they chose Little Tokyo? It’s simple. During these times, places like Watts, Compton (especially the Willowbrook area).. were all occupied by white people, and since racism was still alive & well.. there were strict rules that barred ‘color people’ from living in certain ‘specific’ areas.

To read more about it, and how it became a place named Bronzeville, continue reading here. Thank you, Michelle!

Guilty By Association V at The Association (photos)…

If you haven’t been to the Association Bar in Downtown Los Angeles, even during The Straight Ahead era, then you really need to check this event out. I’ve posted about this new classy jazz get-down a couple of times (thanks to Amanda), but here are the photos of this month’s get down. For those of you who I’ve given cards to, here is the finished product. I hope you enjoy them, as well as to see you guys at the next session, which will take place on the second sunday of April. If you want to know more details on these events, you can go to Hush Money & Co.’s webpage.


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Skyzoo’s FIRST Los Angeles Show This Friday (01/25)!


Back at A3C last year I had a pretty brief conversation with Skyzoo about him coming to perform his first show in Los Angeles, and he basically said just try to get the promoters to work something out! Well apparently, things happen for a reason, and I guess the promoter gods were reading my mind, because all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago I got word that he’s coming out to perform (WHAAAAAATTT!!!!)!

This weekend, Los Angeles… you guys better show him some love and let the brother know that he definitely has fans out here! Opening acts include Foci (w/DJ Pops), Versis, Aspect One (special beat set), and a few others! Get there early as there will be a long line for this special show at Urban Underground!

The 2013 Red Bull Thre3style Competition: California Dates!


This is definitely good news for Los Angeles! This year’s 2013 Red Bull Thre3Style event will be taking place at Sound Nightclub (formerly known as Las Palmas) this wednesday night. The event is FREE to the public, but if you want to get first priority, you MUST RSVP to get in!

After wednesday night, come back in April for the US National Finals that will also be taking place in Los Angeles! Save the date! In the meantime, make sure you check out the competition that will be taking place in Los Angeles & San Francisco! Unfortunately, it’s $15 to get in.

  • [01/23] LA: Sound Nightclub: D-JR vs DJ Lady Sha vs Kid Cut Up vs DJ Morse Code vs DJ P-Jay [RSVP]
  • [01/24]  San Francisco: The Independent: J Espinosa vs DStrukt vs D-Sharp vs Mei-Lwun vs Richie Panic [purchase tickets]

The 14th Annual ThanksGivends Benefit (11/21)!

Here we are back again, and the homies are putting on one of the biggest celebrations of the year for Thanksgiving. This time, from Club 740 they’re returning back to their previous stomping grounds. I’ve been to many of these events and I’ve had the fortunate of covering this benefit for the last two years, and it’s been an awesome time to be a part of! What’s even better is reuniting with many of you who I haven’t seen consistently over the year (maybe a handful of times)! For all of you newcomers, this is definitely for you! So, I strongly suggest you clear all your plans for Wednesday night, and bring your asses out! $10 donation all night; and do NOT bring your ATM/Credit Cards!

Check out my coverage from the past couple of years.

Oddisee Performs LIVE at the Dakota Lounge (11/04)!

The Mello Music Group leader ODDISEE will be making his West Coast stop here in Santa Monica at the Dakota Lounge (fka Temple Bar), where he’ll be performing with a live band. He’s currently on tour, so this will be one of his last few dates left on the tour! Better come check him out while you can! He’s going to be performing live with his band!

Shoutout to Project Live LA on this event!

Red Bull Music Academy Presents: The Gaslamp Killer & Friends (09/18)!

This tuesday evening, Red Bull Music Academy & The Gaslamp Killer are celebrating the release of GLK’s debut album, Breakthrough… which will be released on Brainfeeder Records. This party will be taking place at The Mayan in Downtown LA. FREE with RSVP. Hurry up and sign your John Hancock before the list closes.

PICTURES/REVIEW: Red Bull Thre3Style 2012 LA DJ Competition (05/12/12)!

Damn, it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted on here, so I apologize for that matter. Here are some pictures to check out from Red Bull’s Thre3Style DJ Competition that DJ Dynamix won a couple of weeks ago. If you want to read a full review, check out my write-up over at The Word Is Bond. Other than that, check out a few pictures I’ve taken here. There are some more over on my write-up as well.. but in the meantime, check them out down below. For those of you who have my card and have been looking for the pictures, I apologize for the wait… grab them down below.

Shoutout to all of those who competed in this battle this year!

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