Searching for self…

I think I have finally found my groove. Now, let’s see how long I can keep this up. It’s been over a year since I’ve posted, and I have completely ignored this blog. But, considering that I’ve ran into a number of people who have called me out (in a good way) on not updating it [they told me that subscribed to my blog], I should stick to this blog here and continue to update it. This blog here, as well as my good friend Porschia, are the reasons why everything that has come to this point in my photography/journalism career started flourishing.

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My life through pictures…

It’s been a rough five months. A really, REALLY, rough five months. I wish I could get the crazies out of my head.


The positive side about these five months is that I think I’m starting to see things open up for me. Slowly, but they’re becoming more noticeable than before.


Since I left to Pasadena City College, I’ve enrolled in a journalism class that has exposed me to a different side of creativity than what I’m used to. I think that also includes the help of Instagram as well. Our class pretty much works for the school’s newspaper, The Courier.  Because our class is nothing but photographers, we go out on assignments with writers who are from another class (but in the same field) and cover stories together. We get a budget every week and we get to pick what stories we would like to cover for the paper, which everything ends up in print and is put in every Courier box for students to grab every Thursday morning. Last Thursday, my pictures got published!

Photo Oct 12, 10 17 43 PM

That day that I saw my pictures in the paper, it has became known to me for sure that I really want to pursue Photojournalism.

On a side note, I’ve been following a number of people who have inspired me to shoot better, and within the past week or so, I became interested in doing photoshoots for strangers. I’ve reached out to a couple of people on IG, and they said they were down. So, now it’s my turn to connect the dots so that they know that I’m serious about wanting to make some things happen. I’ve shot friends before, and I’m very thankful for the opportunities they’ve given me. I’ve been very nervous about doing it with strangers, but how else am I supposed to make a portfolio if I don’t meet these people?

Anyhow, since it’s been a while, here’s some pictures I’ve been taking of so far..

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Chasing Adventures In Pictures…

I know I’ve been slacking off on posting on here, if anything at all… I’ve been pretty busy in trying to stay focused in school, and working weekends like a madman. There’s been so many changes that has happened in the past few months that has thrown my entire world off course. As of late, I’ve been reflecting on everything that has happened and all I can do now is try harder to turn things around and stay on course.

Photography, as well as journalism, has been my passion for over eight years. This past semester in school I’ve taken a film class and fortunately I fell in love with it! I’ve taken so many pictures and have tons of negatives that I put my digital camera on the backburner for a while. I’m in love with film (everything about it)! I will be scanning them to make them digital eventually, so look out for that. In the meantime… I just started back shooting with my digital camera within the past three days, so here’s a few pictures I’ve taken on the town, practicing with long exposures and an editing program outside of Lightroom, so here’s the results.




SoundStage: The Common Ground Edition


Tonight, the IE will be invading Santa Monica.. thanks to Project Live & Riverside’s hiphop playground, ‘The Common Ground’. Guests will include Curtiss King, Jansport J, Noa James, Stevie Crooks, Ill Camille, and lots more! Arrive early, because this event will be crackin’ tonight!

2NITE: Hot 97’s ‘Juan Epstein Social’ will be taking place at Zanzibar!


Tonight, it’s going down… the Juan Epstein Social will be taking place at Zanzibar in Santa Monica! Shoutout to Project LIVE LA!

The LOX Stops In DTLA Tonight at The Belasco!

It’s been a long time since The L-O-X got together to do a show, let alone an album! Out of these three, I’ve only seen Jadakiss perform at the Vault 350 here in Long Beach many moons ago, but it was a low-key show. Anyhow, they will be performing in DTLA at the Belasco Theater, brought to you by Sean Healy.

Doors open at 8pm, and they will be going on at 10pm. Arrive early!


2NITE: Soundstage w/sg Mara Hruby at Zanzibar!

Come out to Zanzibar tonight for another great event, brought to you by Project Live, ILLSOCIETY Magazine, and Nu-Soul Magazine! This is an event that you don’t want to miss out on. The lovely Mara Hruby will be in the house tonight to swoon your ears. Arrive early!


The Good Foot Invites the Boogaloo Assassins To Alex’s Bar Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, the Boogaloo Assassins will be at Alex’s Bar for another episode of The Good Foot. This time around, the entry fee is $10. Make sure you arrive early because this event is guaranteed to be packed. Oh, and umm… LA will definitely be in the building this go-round! Check out the alternative flyers for how this event is being promoted!

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